Awards and Grants

The UW-Madison Academic Staff Professional Development Grant program and the CALS Academic Staff Excellence Awards program provide wonderful opportunities for CALS academic staff to grow professionally and be recognized for their work. The CALS CASI’s Academic Staff Awards and Professional Development subcommittee is responsible for reviewing applications/nominations and making recommendations for these two programs.

UW-Madison Academic Staff Professional Development Grants

UW-Madison Academic Staff Professional Development Grants are intended to support professional development and/or training to improve the effectiveness of academic staff members in their current roles. The grant can cover up to half of the cost of the development opportunity, with the applicant’s unit covering the remaining portion.

Applications are accepted twice a year, in the spring and in the fall. Applications submitted in the spring are for professional development activities that will take place during the immediately following July-December. Applications submitted in the fall are for activities that will occur during the immediately following January-June.

The UW-Madison Academic Staff Office offers informational brown bag lunches to help coach people how to write successful applications. The office’s website has more information and resources.

Information about AS Professional Development Grant opportunities–including CALS-specific deadlines–are announced via eCALS.

Successful grant applications have helped CALS academic staff attend:

  • A human resources management conference, featuring sessions on recruiting, compensation, workforce relations, affirmative action, workers compensation, compliance with federal employment laws and more
  • An NMRFAM Introductory Structure Determination Workshop, an introductory hands-on training that covers the basic steps involved in solving a protein structure by NMR
  • A conference for professional photographers, to gain practical information on lighting, composition, exposure, and focus, as well as tips for how to pose people and use cutting edge photo processing software
  • A short course about greenhouse crop production and engineering, featuring sessions on indoor farming, aquaponics, and the use of new LED light fixtures in crop production
  • An annual meeting of museum professionals, to bring back cutting edge programs and ideas for a community-focused outreach and engagement program

CALS Academic Staff Excellence Awards

Three Academic Staff Excellence Awards are awarded by CALS each year. The call for nominations for these are awards is included in the general call for nominations for all CALS Awards, which is posted in eCALS in early winter each year. The nomination deadline is generally in late winter. Winners are recognized each spring at the annual CALS Awards ceremony and reception.

The three CALS Academic Staff Excellence Awards are:

  • CALS Award for Excellence in Research
  • CALS Award for Excellence in Leadership
  • CALS Award for Excellence in Service

Other CALS Awards that can be awarded to academic staff include:

  • International Award
  • J.S. Donald Excellence in Teaching Award – FISC
  • Spitzer Teaching Award
  • Outstanding Advisor Award
  • Arthur J. Maurer Extra Mile Award
  • Equity and Diversity Award

Other academic staff awards and opportunities:

Distinguished Prefix Title. Academic staff who are in their mid to late career may be eligible to apply for a Distinguished Prefix title. The Distinguished Prefix title was created to recognize academic staff who have acquired extensive experience, advanced skills/knowledge, and a reputation beyond their school/college/division. The Distinguished Prefix title is not an automatic promotional step. It is an honor reserved for individuals who have demonstrated remarkable contributions to their profession. Search eCALS or contact the CALS Human Resources Office for more information.

UW-Madison Academic Staff Excellence Awards. The UW-Madison Academic Staff Excellence awards honor nine academic staff members annually in several categories. Click here for more information.

UW System Awards. The awards honor academic staff in three categories. Click here for more information.