The Committees on Academic Staff Issues (CASI) are intended to provide academic staff ideas and input at the level of Colleges, Schools, and Divisions. In 1997, the Academic Staff Executive Committee passed a recommendation that CASI be established.

The CALS CASI was structured to represent the major groupings of academic staff at the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. Meetings are held monthly. Subcommittees have also been established to work on specific issues important to the interests of academic staff.Individuals who wish to share concerns or ideas are encouraged to contact ward representatives or subcommittee members.


Nicholas Bero 263-4529 njbero@wisc.edu Soil Science
Cristiana Carusi 262-8018 cecarusi@wisc.edu Center for Integrated Ag Systems
Vince Borleske 890-3180 vborleske@cals.wisc.edu CALS Research Division
Christopher Day 265-2865 cday2@wisc.edu Genetics
Dustin Eilert 262-3356 dteilert@facstaff.wisc.edu Agronomy
Patrick Flannery 513-1797 pjflanne@wisc.edu Agronomy
Janet Hedtcke 262-2257 jlrieste@wisc.edu Agricultural Research Stations
Carol Hillmer 265-5495 chillmer@cals.wisc.edu CALS Human Resources
John Klatt 262-4618 jklatt@cals.wisc.edu CALS Undergraduate Programs
Nicole Miller 262-3636 nemiller2@wisc.edu Office of External Relations
Dick Straub 262-9812 rjstraub@wisc.edu CALS Dean’s Office
Laura Ward Good 262-9894 lwgood@wisc.edu Soil Science
Rick Wayne 265-3288 fewayne@wisc.edu Soil Science
Deb Wendorf Boyke 262-2217 dwboyke@cdr.wisc.edu Center for Dairy Research